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you define us, make us feel proud60 days to go
you define us, 
make us feel proud

60 days to go
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The Champions League and the World Cup are the two biggest titles in the world. Of course I would also like to win the second. The World Cup is a big highlight of my career.
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My alphabet of Marco Reus ( requested by an anon)

A: André Schürrle
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  • other people: so its 2014, new life, stay healthy, meet new people...
  • football fans: so its 2014, world cup, more pressure, more stress, more tears....
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Now I feel like a footballer once again, because I’m back to train in a football pitch with ball, I feel home again
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Hab mir heute den Matsi geholt :p

möchte nur einen - ROMAN

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Thomas + Lisa Müller

Thomas + Lisa Müller

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